1st Toke Saturday Market


Oct 3, 2009

Toke-town, Chiba-city, Chiba-pref, JAPAN




I had this in my mind since 2005, but I did not have enough connection to make it happen.

However, through organizing basketball games and meeting new people, this has became possible.

We started preparing for it since Feb 2009, and we finally realized it in Oct 3rd.

Unfotunately it rained and we could only do less than half of what we planned, but we had meaningful time.

A day before the day, Kuma and I worked hard to make bamboo tents from 9:30 to 24:00.We successfully made it, and used it on the 3rd.

It was so powerful that just one bamboo tent changed the whole atmosphere of the park.

We believe that this is going to be a great market in the future!

Continuation makes everything possible!













朝7時に熊家に集合 We started preparing from 7am.
会場には9時半頃に到着 When we got to the venue , it started raining...
朝は晴天だったのに雨だ〜〜 It was nice in the morning, but it started raining.
がしかしあきらめず昨夜完成したテントを張る。竹テントが立つだけでその場の雰囲気がガラっと変わった!The bamboo tent really changes the atmosphere.
看板につられてなんか人が集まってきた The mark brought people
絵的には最高だ It's small but beatiful enough!
せっかくだから草バッタ作り We made grass grasshoppers.
雨のショックでうな垂れるジャパニーズカウボーイズ The rain depressed him.
雨が上がったのでマーケット開始! No more rain!
突然草笛を吹くおじさん(帽子)登場! An leaf wistle man stopped by,
全て千葉産で揃えました! All from Chiba-prefecture!
正直自分もびっくりするほど品物が並んだ There were more products than I expected.
ポーランド人夫婦&ドイツ人友人が応援に! Europen power!
晴れたらたらどれだけきれいか? What the nice place!
今回は雨で演奏できなかったホセ(右コスタリカ). Too bad we could not perform music this time...
散歩の時間に突入したのか片づけを始めたら人がポロポロ出てきました People kept coming when we were about to leave.




Although we could not have piano concert, yoga lesson, and other music performances, we had fun. Now we know that we all want this market to be big and meaningful. I heard new heart beats of new Toke ninjas!





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