Toke Harvest Festival

July 18&19, 2009

Place: Kuma's Farm, Toke, Chiba-city, Chiba-Pref, JAPAN



NOUMINREN youth of Chiba prefecture organized a harvest festival in July 18th and 19th. They have been organizing it in every July. Surprisingly, it has been taking place in my (Shinya's) hometown, Toke (one hour from Tokyo by train). I did not know until I started working for NOUMINREN. This became my first participation.

First thing we did was to learn why imported food can be dangerous. The general secretary of NOUMINREN youth gave us a lecture about it. Then we harvested corns, and ate them raw. Everybody was surprised how sweet they were even without cooking. After the harvest, we started preparing the BBQ! All ingredients were from local area. My paella (Spanish cuisine) as well used all local ingredients.

The food was so great that everybody kept repeating "oishii oishii" which means "tasty." Especially beef was so good that it was just good itself without any sauce. One participant stated that "I have been thinking that I get to eat good meat in Tokyo. But I was totally wrong." The meat was just unbelievably delicious!

Many participants came from Tokyo area, so they were amazed by the wild BBQ which they had never experienced before. One of my friends told me after seeing Kuma-san making BBQ stoves with a big drum-can that she learned the importance of using what we already have. She realized that city-life in which people just pay money for what they want makes people not think.

There were three or four people who were suffering for depression. They found this festival a relief from busy working life.

In this festival, not only they harvested food, but each participant also harvested different ways of thinking.


There was a meeting for the three youth top-ranking officials a day before the festival. Hence Ayumi and other youth officials stayed there and helped run the festival.


We can only do this kind of events only because there are people working behind the scene.
First time to cook paella
What is going on?
Puting rice in the pan. It is the hardest part.
perfectly finished!
the best meat ever!
time to eat!!
even Yammy (goat) enjoyed the just-harvested local sweet corn!
About 40 people came, and they could not stop moving their mouth.
The girl on the left said that the meat she ate in the BBQ was the best meat ever.
Next day. weeding the organic rice field.
It was very hard to move around in the mud.


Gokurousama deshita.

Everything went great!





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