2007 Events Schedule

January 6th
Mochitsuki (Pounding ricecake)
January 27th
Street Mochitsuki
March 10th (Sat)
bday of the bball court
April 14th (Sat)
Pizza Party&Street Calligraphy
May 6th (Sun)⇒May 13rd (Sun)
GW 3 on 3 Tournament

May 12th (Sat)
German Sausage BBQ

June 17th (Sun)
Shaolongbao Party

July 15th (Sat)
Outside Movie Nights Starts
July 22th (Sun)
James' Farewell 3on3 Tourney
August 4th (Sat)
Matsuri(Kent's birthday)
August 5th - 29th (Sun)
Street Movie
August 19th (Sun)
Oyako3dai Matsuri
August 26(Sun)
Toke festival day 3on3 tournament.
Sep16th (Sun)
Sep23rd - 24th (Sun&Mon)
Soul Food BBQ
November 25(Sun)
Presenting our activities in Plaza Masturi

2008 Events Schedule

Jan 13
Toke Brewery
Jan 27
Japanese lessons
March 9
Mega humburger
May 4
GW3on3 Tourney
May 24
Kent's Wedding Party
July 13
Toke BBQ
Aug 3
Eiko's lobby piano concert

Aug 17
Chiba Matsuri
Aug 24
Summer 3on3 Tourney
Oct 26
Sausage test
Nov 30
Plaza Matsuri
Dec 20 &27
Bounenkai(Year-end party)

2008 Events Schedule

Jan 13
Jan 24
Shinenkai (new year party)
Mar 1
Surprise party
Mar 10(Sun)
B-day party for the bball court4April 12(Sun)
Orgnic Farming
April 18〜19
Trip to Nikkou

April 29
Building bamboo tents
May 2(Sat)
GW Tourney
June 14

Aug 16(Sun)
Chiba Taiko Matsuri
Aug 22
Satoshi's beach party

Aug 29(Sun
Oct 3
Saturday Market
Oct 4
Rice harvest
Oct 18
TokeNinja in Yoyogipark
Nov 30 (sun)
Plaza Matsuri
Bounenkai(Year ending party)