How to get to the court

You take Chiba Sotobo line to get to Toke station. Go to the South gate of the station and walk straight on the main street. At the third trafic sign where you can see a huge bowling pin in front and bookstore on your right side, you tour right there. Go down the hill until you see the family resturant Cocos on your right side. At the intersection, you should find a totem pole on the opposite side of Cocos. Behind the totem pole, you should see a light blue basketball court. It is located in the middle of the town, and everybody knows where, so if you get lost, just ask for storiito basuketboolu kooto.

Address: 6-1 Asumigaoka, Midoriku, Chiba, Chiba-pref, 267-0066, Japan.

It's in a park "Fureainohiroba Kouen." The red square on the up right map shows the location. The plus sigh on the right map shows urrouding environment.