Photos taken since the court was built

you can see the changes in four seasons


First day!! Mar 11, 2006 
I was impressed by the beauty. Mar 12, 2006


Many people showed up. Mar 12

Street musician was playing at the corner of the park, so I asked him to play near the bball court.He came and started playing. First time to play bball with music at the court. Mar 26

Playing in the rain. I love to see that!!! Apr 2


Spring came. The season for outdoor bball came! Apr 7
Nice day to play bball!!The cherry blossom is beatiful as well. Apr 7


First game using bibusu jerseies. May 21
getting warmer. Feeeling the real street bball season is approaching May 21

We now started feeling hot. The beginning of summer Jun 4


We don't even feel cold after sunset。Jun 4

The first jersey arrived. Jun 21
The first jersey had problem, so got new another 10 for free. Jul 18
5 white jerseies and 5 balcn and organe ones. July 18


3on3 tournament. Middle of summer.We see a lot of greeb, Aug 26
The housewives are stopping by to watch the final match. Aug 26


In the lingering summer heat, we organized nagashisoumen, the swimming noodles party. the weather was so perfect. Sep 10.
Cold noodle in the blue sky was something specia!!.Sep 10

Not too hot, not too cold. perfect climate. Sep 10 


It gets chilly after sunset though.Sep 10 



Playing after the rain stopped. The sunset is reflecting on water on the court. Beatiful!! Autumn is coming. Sep 18



A poet of Toke wrote a peom

It is getting chilly in the evening these days.
Feeling that autumn has already come....
This town has a lot of greens, and the air is fresh.
By playing bball outside, I can feel the change in environment.
When I see the sun is setting, I feel lonely that
time is passing rapidly.

Sep 21

I cited from Kent's blog. Very colorful!!! Sep 25


nice photo!! we can feel the wind. Sep 25


It looks like that there is a lake on the left side. Sep 25
The lawn which we seeded in nagashisoumen day has grown well! good job!! Sep 25

A mysterious fortune teller appeared on the court, and started serving us tea, Oct 21, 2006 (Photo taken by Kent)
Very nice tea set from China.Ronin brought us two Kasutera cakes (Nagasaki style cake) from his school trip.It's getting chilly, so it's perfect to drink hot tea. Oct 21, 2006 (Photo taken by Kent)
Toke Ninja Style wadaiko (Japanese drum). The master of Taikom, Hanzou plays his deadly skill!!  
Master's first diciple 1/4zou(Kent) demonstrates his skill after his master.
The local govnt thinks that someone broke the net intentionally. They don't know about bball at all. Dec 17, 2006
The local govnt didn't do anything with the net, so we had to do it. Dec 17, 2006
New Year basketball and Chinese tea celemony. Our Spanish friend Eloi joined us too!! Jan 1, 2007
We used a taiko as a table. So beatiful!!! 1月1日2007年


I will continue uploading photos here!!

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