Real Rice Harvesting


Kuma's Organic Rice field

Oct 04, 2009

Toke-town, Chiba-city, Chiba-pref, JAPAN


We were going to harvest mochi-rice this day, but because of the heavy rain a day before, the field was too muddy. Hence, we decided to continue the rice harvesting we did last week. Since there were not many people, we really worked like farmers. And we loved it! I cannot wait to cook paella with the rice we harvested!


We started harvesting rice from 10am.

These hung rice are from last time.
It was Jose's first time.
the voices of birds
the breeze
the smell of the forest.
It's all good!
collect 8 branches
put 8 banches together
and tie it up
then take it
to here
then we hang it on the bar to dry them up
This makes easier to peel the skin of rice.


It's just like meditation






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